Ceramic workshops

Have you ever dreamed of making your own clay item?

Not sure or don’t know how to do it?

Feel invited to ceramic workshops in Wrocław!

Spend some time creatively in an intimate atmosphere and develop your creative potential!

During two meetings, I will guide you through the basics of creating with clay and will teach you how to use:

– various ceramic techniques and textures
– engobes on raw clay in the form of a flat mosaic, plate, picture
– I will reveal some sculpting tips & tricks

Course of the workshop

At the first meeting, we organize the space and implement a clay project.

After the works are dried, the participants paint the work with engobes at the next meeting, thus completing the decorating process.

When the works are finished, we meet for collection and final thoughts about your works and the whole workshop.

You can find all updates about upcoming workshops on Instagram, Facebook or you can simply send me a message in contact form.